Is Hydration Important?

Is Hydration Important?

Feel better, Lose Weight, Live Life

Some days we feel amazing and other days we feel like poop. Unmotivated to focus on tasks, make healthy decisions and even be pleasant to others. If humans had an instruction manual, the first step would be to add water. 70% of you is literally water.  No wonder drinking it makes you feel amazing.  H2O is required by all organs in the body or.... they will dry up.  Water is what allows you to be you period

Proper hydration might be what is holding you back from being your best self and achieving your goals.  In this article we will go over what happens when your body is deprived of water and give you 6 easy tips for drinking enough water keeping your body and mind running at its highest potential. It makes all the difference.


I’ve been there too.  Before I purchased my 32oz KozyRoo Gym Bottle, I wouldn't hydrate throughout the day.  It would be 2PM and I’ll realize I haven’t drank barley anything.  At this point, I can feel my hands and mouth getting dry.  My skin looks dull, I feel sluggish and already have plans to skip the gym after work.  It’s something like a mini hangover and these are symptoms of dehydration.

Benefits of Hydrating

  • Increases Energy – Increased workout volume
  • Weight loss – Look better feel better
  • Reduce Bloating – Better system flow
  • Cushions Joints – Better performance
  • Removes Toxins – Feel better
  • Fuels Muscles – Lift heavier
  • Strengthens Immune System – Reduce down time
  • Boosts Productivity – Manage your busy schedule
Benefits of hydrating­­­­­

    Drinking Water and Weight Loss

    Water Fills you Up
    Have a seat and listen to this. If you're still craving food after you finished your packed lunch.  You normally forget you are hungry in about 20 minutes, once your stomach settles.  A glass of water will fill you up for 20 minutes and you wont need desert.  It works!

    Removes Waste
    Waste in the body causes bloating.  Water flushes the digested food/waste out quicker giving you that tight bod.  

    Burns Mega Calories A study done in 2014 showed that when fully hydrated you burn 2-3% more calories. All of the time/even while resting! 

    Enhances Performance

    Water lets your body move rather fluidly.  It helps loosen muscles, skin, connective tissues, and joints to move correctly.  

    Increases Metabolism

    Water is required to interact with Fats (Triglycerides) cells in order to be metabolized in the fat burning process. 

    Sip Water throughout the Day

    Water is continually expelled from the body through urinating (pint to several gallons), breathing and up to a liter of sweat. (1)  I was researching this and saw that the National Academy of Medicine in the US reports that women should have 90oz and men should have 125oz each day.  That is equal to refilling your 32oz Gym Bottle 3 or 4 times. (3)   

    Want some tips to improve your Hydration game?

    • Get a reusable gym bottle 32oz or 40oz. This reusable stainless steel bottle will remind you to keep drinking all day long. 
    • Drink half of your bottle right when you wake up. (2 glasses)
    • Drink one glass of water with each meal (3 glasses)
    • Drink your entire water bottle while working out. (4 glasses)
    • Drink extra water when it is warm, humid, or very sunny (2 glasses)
    • Keep your gym bottle near your bed at night. (1 glass)

    *** If you live in an area with dry climate or high altitude your body will expel water more quickly and require more water to be consumed daily to keep up.  This also goes for if you exercise a lot.  More water!


    Fun Facts

    • The body conserves water when you don't have enough or expels it if you have more than you need. If your pee is very light yellow, you are well hydrated. When your pee is very dark yellow, it's probably time to drink up.
    • Water acts as a lubricant to organs, remove waste, regulate body temperature, and aid the body in nutrient absorption.
    • 75% of your brain tissue is made of water. (5)
    • Regular hydration prevent cavities and tooth decay. Water produces saliva which keeps your mouth clean (2)
    • The water we use today has been on Earth forever.  Believe it or not, the water you drink could share the same molecules that dinosaurs drank. 

    This is cool right?

    I challenge you to drink more water.  Get yourself a KozyRoo Gym Bottle so drinking water is always on your mind. They come in 32oz and 40oz sizes are made of stainless steel and feature a vacuum insulated wall to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours.  This will help make practicing proper hydration so easy.  You will have more energy, burn more calories, have better workout’s, feel better, and ultimately lose more weight. 




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