About KozyRoo

My name is Michael. 
I'm a fitness enthusiast and founder of KozyRoo.
Michael Sanders - Founder of KozyRoo Fitness

I'm usually pretty busy but when I have time, I workout everywhere and anyway that I can.  Lifting weights, playing sports, running, yoga, and joining random HIIT cardio groups. Im there. 

I would show up carrying my phone, keys and water bottle. 

I never really thought about it but my phone and keys would end up on the floor collecting germs, being stepped on, and getting lost.

I'd also have my disposable water bottle which came in a plastic pack.  

Everyone does this? What? I didn't like that it was wasteful and all the germs from the floor is just gross.  I came up with the Kozy Bottle.  A stainless steel reusable gym bottle which I optimized for active people on the go. The bottle is designed with a double walled vacuum insulated construction along with our Kozy Pouch for your phone, keys, or card holder.  The workout phone pouch is machine washable and made super stretchy so it can be used with almost any reusable water bottle and even the largest Iphone sizes. 

KozyRoo Fitness-Bottle-Nature scene with Jamiethewanderer

The Mission of KozyRoo 

The mission of KozyRoo is to create convenience for the fitness world by making gear that improves healthy and eco-friendly habits. 

Our Health-conscious & Eco-Friendly Approach

Building Healthy Habits

Did you know that more than 75% of people put their phones on the floor while working out? The floors at the gym are nasty! Millions of bacteria live there and easily transfer to your face. The Kozy Pouch's patented stretchy yet sleek design allows you to store your phone safely off the ground.

Taking Care of the Earth

We work to set an example by only selecting packaging sources that are eco-friendly. All of our packaging comes from a company called Eco Enclose, which has an extremely researched framework.

  1. Packaging with as much recycled content as possible. Prioritizing post-consumer waste.
  2. Packaging that is as easily-recyclable as possible.
  3. The carbon footprint across the entire supply chain is considered. All packaging is made with recycled paper or recycled plastic.
  4. Eco Enclose works with supply chain partners with an authentic, demonstrated commitment to sustainable manufacturing and logistics. 
  5. Use as little material as possible
  6. Use the most eco-minded inks possible
  7. Motivate consumers to reuse or recycle packaging.  
  8. Be transparent and honest.  Provide easy to access, accurate info and data.
  9. Always innovate, seek better options, and improve this framework.
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