Innovation at KozyRoo

My name is Michael. 
I'm a fitness enthusiast and founder of KozyRoo.
Michael Sanders - Founder of KozyRoo Fitness

I workout 3-4 times a week at my gym and always bring my water bottle, phone, keys and headphones.  Since I never my phone was always placed on the current exercise machine or worst case, on the floor.  Your phone and keys do not belong on the gym floor.  

Look around next time you're at the gym and 75% of phones will be on the floor.  Your phone collects dirt, sweat, germs, bacteria, fungi which will be soon be pressed up against your face when you call your friends to meet up after the gym.  

It's a gross habit that people may realize but don't have an easy solution to. My friends and I decided to designed and patent a minimalistic phone pouch that slips on your reusable water bottle. It can hold your most important possessions nearby so you can focus on busting out the best workout of your life. 

Our Fitness Pouch was design for stainless steel flasks but will work with most reusable water bottles. We recommend using a sturdy/heavier free-standing bottle (24-64oz) to balance the weight of your phone. 

To complete our vision of a convenient day at the gym we designed a top of the line Gym Bottle optimized for a convenient workout. We added all the best features and pro-grade stainless steel (304) and scratch resistant surface finish to endure any workout environment.  It has a chug spout so you can hydrate on a spin bike without spilling all over yourself.  Don't forget the soft boot to eliminate clanking and carry handle for convenience.     

KozyRoo Fitness-Bottle-Nature scene with Jamiethewanderer

The Mission of KozyRoo 

The mission of KozyRoo is to create convenience for the fitness world by making gear that improves healthy and eco-friendly habits. 

Our Eco-Friendly Approach

Taking Care of the Earth

We work to set an example by only selecting packaging sources that are eco-friendly. All of our packaging comes from a company called Eco Enclose, which has an extremely researched framework.

  1. Packaging with as much recycled content as possible. Prioritizing post-consumer waste.
  2. Packaging that is as easily-recyclable as possible.
  3. The carbon footprint across the entire supply chain is considered. All packaging is made with recycled paper or recycled plastic.
  4. Eco Enclose works with supply chain partners with an authentic, demonstrated commitment to sustainable manufacturing and logistics. 
  5. Use as little material as possible
  6. Use the most eco-minded inks possible
  7. Motivate consumers to reuse or recycle packaging.  
  8. Be transparent and honest.  Provide easy to access, accurate info and data.
  9. Always innovate, seek better options, and improve this framework.
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