Midnight Bottle - Wide Mouth w/ Straw Lid

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Choose the Straw Lid for frequent sipping.  No need to tilt the bottle to drink.  

Perfect for spin class!!!

Built strong and sturdy with pro-grade stainless steel and double walled vacuum insulated technology. This flask will exceed your expectations becoming your favorite gym water bottle.  

What is so special about the Kozy Pouch?
The hidden greatness of the Kozy Pouch is realized in those on-the-go moments when juggling your phone, keys and water is holding you back.  It allows you to bring everything with you but not have it on you.  Allowing you to put all your essentials down while keeping your phone clean, safe and cozy.
Where can I use the Kozy Pouch?

You can use it anywhere you bring your phone and keys.  I take mine to exercise class or when I hit the gym because I never have pockets.  I tote my water bottle and phone around keeping it in range for my Bluetooth head phones.  I also find it handy when going on walks with my dog, hiking, traveling, and just running everyday errands.

What size water bottles work with the Kozy Pouch?

The Kozy Pouch is compatible with any reusable water bottle.  We recommend using water bottles 21-64oz in size so it is large enough to balance the weight of your phone.  Small single-use plastic bottles will not be able to hold the weight of your cell phone.  

Is the Kozy Pouch machine wash safe?

Yes, the Kozy Pouch can be put in the washer machine and dryer.

What is the pouch made of?

The pouch is made with a perfect blend of polyester and spandex.

What is the bottle made of?  

Our bottle is made of 314 or food grade steel.

How long does the Kozy Bottle keep water cold or hot?

The Kozy Bottle keep water cold for 24 hrs and hot for 12 hours.

How long will shipping take?

Shipping can take 5-7 days to receive your order.  Delays should be expected ruing holidays as the post office is backed up.

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