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Carolina Blue Sleeve

Carolina Blue Sleeve

The phone pouch for your water bottle

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Introducing the Carolina Blue Sleeve!

Stay organized and stylish with this stretchy sleeve that securely holds your phone, keys, cards, and earbuds. 

The Kozy Sleeve is a multi-purpose fitness accessory that helps adjust your fitness routine to bringing less, moving quicker, and being organized from the gym to your game.  

Step up your game with convenience. An organized Kozy sleeve means your phone is never lost or laying on the gym floor 

What is it like?

Slip your phone and cards in the front pouch. Then tuck your keys and earbuds in the sides. It is stretchy and will hold everything securely.

Shipping & Returns

All orders shipped in 2 business days.

Returns & Refund Policy

Bottle Sizes

All Kozys will fit on any reusable water bottle (20oz to 50oz)

Care Instructions

Machine wash Kozys on cold setting

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